Release Notes

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  • Initial Release.

    Version 1.0.1

    • submitted using clean project to fix falsely detected activation of Unity services
    • added API compatibility for Unity 5.5

    • added menu item in settings for the desired network mode (online/LAN/offline)
    • added AI bots with player detection when playing in network mode 'offline'
    • added support for automatic LAN discovery, host & join in network mode 'LAN'
        (when playing in a LAN on desktop Windows/Mac the firewall needs to be disabled)
    • added aim indicator on mobile devices that better visualizes the turret direction
    • changed cursor in editor and standalone builds to a crosshair style cursor
    • fixed shooting imprecision on desktop when playing in a non-square aspect ratio
    • fixed turret jittering where server could overwrite local turret rotation

    • added support for Photon Unity Networking (PUN)
    • minimum Unity version: 5.5.0

    • PUN: fixed not connecting to 'Best Region' automatically
    • PUN: fixed missing Unity Ads namespace in GameManager
    • changed rate app url for iTunes and added a warning for default

  • v1.2.2

    • added API compatibility for Unity 5.6
    • PUN: updated for Photon Unity Networking 1.81+
    • PUN: WebGL builds now make use of 'Best Region' setting too


    • added movement on Y axis: added tank gravity, new ramps at the map center
    • added individual (local) kills/death counter to the Game scene
    • added disconnect button to the Game scene for leaving the current match
    • changed bot AI to make more use of the entire map, not heading to the center
    • changed purchasing code to UNITY_PURCHASING define (was UNITY_ANALYTICS)
    • minimum Unity version: 5.6.0

  • v1.3.1

    • removed Everplay since Unity deprecated all of its services
    • killedBy variable restructure to avoid NRE in wrong network send order
    • minimum Unity version: 2017.3.0



    • added optional area damage (maxTargets, explosionRange) to Bullet
    • added friendly fire checkbox option to the GameManager
    • added GameMode dropdown to matchmaking selection
    • added logic to load random map for specific game mode
    • added logic to grant points in consideration of game mode & score type
    • added Capture The Flag game mode (+new map: CTF_Game)
      • renamed Powerups to Collectibles to better describe their versatility
      • Collectibles can now be consumed or picked up, dropped and returned to their origin
      • added CollectibleTeam (for flags in CTF) and CollectibleZone class for team bases
      • Collectibles make use of a new network sync method: buffered RPCs (see documentation)
    • PUN: updated from PUN 1 (Classic) to PUN 2 (v2.9)
    • added Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) dependency
    • minimum Unity version: 2019.1.0​

  • v1.4.1

    • fixed kill count not increasing when playing in offline mode vs bots

  • v1.4.2

    • PUN2: updated for Photon Unity Networking v2.17+
    • removed Lightweight Render Pipeline dependency
    • minimum Unity version downported: 2018.4.0

  • v1.5

    • added support for Mirror Networking, effectively replacing our UNET integration
      (UNET is still included as a package but does not receive further updates)
    • fixed bouncing projectile collisions by restructuring ray casting mechanism.
      High speed projectiles glitches could still occur but should be less obvious now

  • v1.5.1

    • fixed manifest references to package which do not exist in all Unity versions
    • updated Mirror to 17.3.0, fully reworking ListServer functionality

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