Changing the map and the tanks??

  • hello, i just bought your asset

    i was wondering if you can help me?

    i am a noob in unity.. i wanna be able to change the tanks (so other models, color etc,,)

    and how do i change the map? ( where users play in...) ( maybe a video tutorial etc..)

    i hope you can help me..


  • Hi,

    thank you for your purchase. It is difficult to help if you do not have deeper knowledge on how Unity works, but I'll try to answer more general:

    1. Tanks are prefabs (universal gameobjects). They are located under TanksMultiplayer > Prefabs > Resources. You can drag them in the scene to make adjustments, or import your own model and attach the necessary scripts (Rigidbody, Box Collider, Player script) to it and make a prefab out of that. Then add them to the NetworkManagerCustom script in the Intro scene.

    2. The game scene is assigned to the NetworkManagerCustom script in the Intro scene. You can modify the existing Game scene or build your own and assign it there.

  • Hey, I just bought the asset and created a custom scene that contains the spawners and game controllers from the Game scene and tried to swap out the Online Scene in the NetworkManagerCustom in the Intro scene but it won't let me swap the scene and just keeps the Game scene as the assigned reference. Any ideas why it won't let me swap the Game scene to my own custom scene?

  • Never mind. I'm an idiot.  8) I forgot to add the new custom scene to the build settings. Once I remembered it works great!

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