Frequently Asked Questions

  • #1 I can't run the scenes included in this asset / networking doesn't do anything.
    Please follow the first chapter of the provided documentation pdf. You will have to configure your project for networking first as described there.

    #2 I'm getting errors referencing the UnityIAPManager related to missing purchasing scripts on import.
    You've enabled Unity Analytics or IAP in Unity's service panel, but did not import its billing plugin. Open the Unity IAP service page again and press the shiny Import button.

    #3 I'm getting errors referencing non-existent variables in the SceneManagement namespace such as 'sceneLoaded' or other API errors.
    The minimum required version is Unity 5.4.0f3. If you are still getting errors on that or higher Unity versions, please contact us with more details.

    #4 Players can't collide with each other. How do I enable it?
    The collision between tanks is disabled on purpose. You can enable it in the physics matrix (Edit > Project Settings > Physics).

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