Still locking editor cam

  • It seems that I'm encountering the issue mentioned earlier in this forum with the camera locking in the scene view.  I am using the latest version from the asset store.  The only fix that I can find is to restart unity.

    Any ideas?

  • Do you have any instructions or steps on how to reproduce this on my end?

  • It happens after I exit edit mode on a mesh.  If I select a point in the new mesh, the scene view camera locks panning and rotation (the cursor is stuck as a little eye icon).  Zooming works but that is it.

  • So just exiting edit mode locks the camera? What Unity version? Mac or Win?

  • Yes, that seems to be the case.  Interestingly, playing the scene stops this from happening.

    I am running Unity 5.2.1f1 on a Mac.


  • I'll try to reproduce this over the weekend, thanks!

  • If it helps at all, it seems to be acting as if it locks the Alt(option) key down.

    Other than this issue, I love love LOVE this extension.  It is making things a lot easier.  Thanks!

  • Very sorry for the late reply. I've tested it on Unity 5.2.2f1 running El Capitan on my Macbook Pro and can't reproduce this issue.

    I have:

    • created a new mesh on the NavMesh Manager
    • entered edit mode on this new mesh object (Edit Mode: On)
    • placed vertices by clicking on the ground, even rotated the scene and place some more
    • left edit mode by clicking on the inspector button again (Edit Mode: Off)

    Could you possibly record a video if you have a solid way to reproduce this?

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