Bake settings on NavMesh Manager

  • Hey thanks for your reply.  I've since downloaded the software, it seems to be able to do what I need it to do so far.. but I am encountering a bit of problem at the Bake phase.

    When I click "Bake NavMesh" from the GameObject NavMesh Manager, I can't tell if its baking using the settings I have in the standard Unity->Navigation Panel, or if its only baking the areas I have setup by clicking around and manually making the Mesh with your software.  How does this process work?  Thanks again!

  • The "Bake NavMesh" button replicates the original bake button in the Navigation tab, so it indeed considers your settings. The only thing this button does additionally is to enable the renderer components on your custom meshes for the baking phase, otherwise Unity would ignore them. In the baking phase, all meshes get included that are marked as navigation static.

  • So I'm unclear then, I only want objects to move on areas that I've defined with the Extension.  How can I do that?

  • I'm not sure if I understand your question. The navigation mesh will be created for all objects that are navigation static. If you create custom meshes with our asset and don't mark other objects as navigation static too, only your custom meshes will be considered.

  • Ah yea,  I had my terrain also as navigation static  :D  So this is basically exactly what I needed the Extension to do, thanks so much!

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