Release Notes

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  • Initial Release.

    • Added option to delete selected vertices: select vertices
        when not in Edit Mode, then press backspace to delete them
    • Revisited Undo/Redo: undo/redo will not leave the Edit Mode
        by default and behave as expected when editing meshes
    • Fixed mesh calculation for reflexive/closed submeshes
    • Added more links to the NavMesh Extension > About window

    • moved control info box to the scene view
    • fixed issue where scene view cam gets locked
        (explicitly disabling view controls due to Unity bug)
    • fixed not adding new vertices with alt key pressed

    • added new Mecanim controller that eliminates foot sliding
    • compatibility for Unity 5.6 and the new component based
        NavMesh workflow introduced for runtime NavMesh baking
    • removed 'Bake' button on NavMeshManager since this is now
        being handled by Unity's new NavMeshSurface components
    • creating new NavMeshes will automatically add Unity's new
        NavMeshModifier component to each of them

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