Release Notes

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  • Features

    • PowerUpManager, PowerUpEditor, PowerUps: added passive power-ups with multiple properties which could affect towers, enemies or the player, for a total of ~300 possible combinations. Passive power-ups can have other power-ups as requirements, allowing a talent tree-like system to unlock them. “Level_Desktop” showcases 13 passive power-ups with a custom unlock tree

    Fixes & Changes

    • TowerBase: parts of battle power-up boosts rewritten to comply with new passive power-ups
    • Properties, TweenMove: rewrite of enemy slow methods
    • GUIImpl: added panel, button and label slots for passive power-ups
    • GameHandler: new static methods for adding health or resources
    • Updated Unity4 script files “”


    • full replacement of NGUI with Unity's new uGUI introduced in Unity 4.6,
        changes in scripts, prefabs, scenes (basically everything)
    • UI functionality is the same as in version 1.6, but now built using uGUI

  • Bugfixes and workarounds for the final uGUI release:

    • fixed mobile touch behavior registering input on towers & powerups
    • fixed powerup target/area selection when playing on mobile devices
    • fixed powerup countdown timer not showing up

    This will be the last release in the 1.x cycle.

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