Release Notes

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  • Features

    Fixes & Changes

    • Project: embedded all scripts in the “SIS” namespace
    • IAPListener: was disabled on the IAP Manager prefab, but should not
    • IAPListener: fixed NullReference when getting callback without ShopManager
    • IAPEditor: fixed potential NullReference when defining new IAP objects
    • IAPManager: removed workaround for restoreTransactions introduced in 1.3
    • Receipt verification: updated verify.php to work with new Apple responses
    • DBManager: added methods SaveReceipt, GetReceipt, SetFunds
    • DBManager: made the encryption key public
    • Scenes: ListVerticalMenu Armory scrolling fixed

    Upgrade Notes

    • Back up your project to avoid potential conflicts with the namespace and backup your DBManager encryption key

  • Fixes & Changes

    • fixed compile errors on Windows Phone 8 related to Database obfuscation
    • WP8 obfuscation key requires 16 characters, iOS/Android stays at 8
    • obfuscation on other platforms than WP8/iOS/Android defaults to byte[]

  • Fixes & Changes

    • fixed scrolling issue on menu scenes when updating to NGUI 3.5.8
      (requires NGUI 3.5.8 or above)

  • Features

    • added remote config download option for virtual products, with "cached" and "overwrite" option. Useful for adjusting product details (titles, descriptions, prices) without updating the app.
      cached: saves downloaded config on the device, applies them on next startup (permanent changes)
      overwrite: only affects the current session and immediately applies changes (temporary changes)

    Fixes & Changes

    • IAPManager and virtual products now work on standalone builds
    • DBManager IncreaseFunds method checks against negative values
    • removed unnecessary DBManager references in IAPManager
    • restructured IAPManager receipt verification checkboxes as enums
    • restructured IAPManager serverUrl for verification and hosted configs
    • potential fix for IAPEditor hang/error on Close(), improved warning
    • unlockable prefabs falsely unlocked buy buttons too (inspector change)

  • Fixes & Changes

    • changed IAP Settings editor to not require a ShopManager prefab in  the scene, once again working around a Unity crash on Mac OS.
        You won't be able to assign prefabs or parents without ShopManager prefab

  • Features

    • introduced platform dependent product identifiers for in-app purchases, which allow overriding identifiers for different stores in the IAP Editor
    • added Amazon support for OpenIAB (new dropdown in the IAP Editor) (beta)
    • added Windows Phone 8 support for OpenIAB (beta)

    Fixes & Changes

    • fixed DBManager.GetAllSelected() not returning the correct list of items

    Upgrade Notes:

    • Please take a screenshot of your items in the IAP Editor before upgrading,  as you will have to reenter them in the new format.
        You can now specify a global id for your products and override it per store, if necessary. Adjust your IAPListener script accordingly (only global id is needed).

  • Fixes & Changes

    • fixed missing script reference on IAPManager prefab and Prime31 package
    • fixed undo error when opening IAP editor without Shop Manager in the scene

    Side note:
    Work on uGUI 4.6. integration has started:

  • THIS VERSION IS NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE. Please contact us if you still need a NGUI-compatible version.


    • replaced NGUI with Unity uGUI released in Unity 4.6
    • full rebuild of all UI prefabs and shop templates to be compatible with uGUI

    Fixes & Changes

    • script changes have been made in ShopManager, IAPManager, IAPItem, IAPEditor
    • renamed some variables on IAPItem to make their purpose more obvious
    • rewrote UIPanelStretch for uGUI and removed UIUpdateCollider
    • updated documentation with respect to uGUI changes and references

  • Features

    • iOS & Android Native billing plugins by Stans Assets are now supported!

    Fixes & Changes

    • itemSelectedEvent now only fires on first and changed selections
    • DBManager.SetToSelected returns true for new selections (false otherwise)

  • Fixes & Changes

    • ShopManager OnDestroy reverts to previous Input.multiTouchEnabled state
    • StansAssets: package updated for Android Native 4.8, iOS Native 5.3
    • Unibill: package updated for 1.7.5, onPurchaseDeferred event

    NGUI users:
    The NGUI-compatible version on our web store has been updated to be in sync with 2.3.3. If you want to upgrade, please re-download using the same link you've received in your purchase email.
    Minimum required Unity version is 4.5.4.


    • StansAssets: added compatibility for only Android or iOS Native

  • Features

    • added (offline) localization for in-app products and virtual products
        using Smart Localization: see documentation pdf chapter 9

    Fixes & Changes

    • Unibill: fixed error for missing GetAllPurchaseReceipts() API
    • StansAssets: fixed error caused by accessing billing instance in OnDestroy

    • removed Input.multiTouchEnabled code in ShopManager,
        this should be handled by the developer on a per-project basis instead
    • added warning if initializing billing plugin without store key on Android
    • added warning if ShopManager does not find an IAPManager instance
    • UpdateFunds script now detects currency changes through DBManager too
    • fixed duplicated shop items when using multiple ShopManager in scenes
    • added quick way to check if an item is selected via DBManager.isSelected
    • Prime31: updated IAPManager to newest Android API, solving a compiler error

    • NGUI-compatible version is now included in the main package (Plugin Setup)
    • NGUI version: IAPItem variable renaming to be identical with uGUI version
    • NGUI version: Scenes & prefabs re-designed to be identical with uGUI version
    • dropped support for Neatplug billing plugins

    • uGUI workaround for single selection items not deselecting other items
    • Stans Assets: updated to naming changes in iOS Native 5.5

    • IAP Editor window now reloads values while open on scene change
    • IAP Editor saves IAP/IGC data correctly on exit if left open
    • Prime31-NGUI: fixes missing prefab references in some example scenes
    • added new receipt verification php script for iOS7+ (use with Unibill)

    • added product upgrades which replace their associated product,
        allowing for different price/icon/etc after each purchase
    • IAPManager: added GetIAPUpgrades, GetCurrentUpgrade, GetNextUpgrade
    • restructured documentation to be more useful with less to read

    If you haven't read the documentation before, now is a good time to do so!

    • Unibill: updated compatibility to latest version
    • DBManager: for upgrades, GetAllPurchased only returns the last one

    This is a maintenance release to get the newer Unibill versions up and running again. Also note that for all packages, if you check for purchases manually by using GetAllPurchased and use upgradeable products, starting from this version only the last product in the chain will be returned. E.g. if speed 1-3 are bought, only speed 3 is returned.

    • All billing plugins: updated to support latest versions
    • Project: now compiles for webplayer platform too, but billing is
        still not supported on webplayers due to missing billing functionality
    • Project: removed NGUI-compatible package, as it is no longer supported

  • Maintenance update in preparation for future release - no need to update for existing users.

    • Project: You can now use virtual currency & products of Simple IAP System without billing plugin. Without billing, purchases for real money are deactivated. This is for developers who would like to use the shop system & currency, but don't want to charge their users.

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