Release Notes

  • v5.0.4

    • fixed path creation not working in Unity 5.1
    • removed automatic renaming of waypoint object names


    • fixed navMove not detecting reached waypoints correctly in Unity 5,
        resulting in skipped waypoints along its path
    • fixed navMove throwing NullReferenceException if path is not set
    • potentially fixed PathManager NullReferenceException in OnDrawGizmos
    • solved a few Unity warnings/errors about version compatibility


    • DOTween updated to 1.0.720 (Unity 5.0.2 fix)


    • reduced path resolution argument on bezier paths which caused overhead
    • DOTween updated to 1.0.291

    Minimum required Unity version: 4.6.0

    • NEW: HOTween has been replaced with DOTween for 400% faster tweens
    • NEW: Message functionality has been replaced with built-in UnityEvents for specifying target, method, argument in the inspector at waypoints
    • NEW: "reverse" checkbox on movement scripts, allows moving in the opposite direction on the path on a per-walker basis
    • NEW: "startPoint" variable added on movement scripts, allows starting from a different waypoint position on the path3
    • NEW: startPoint also works with "moveToPath", e.g. walking directly to the third waypoint, then continuing the path as usual
    • NEW: included DOTween looptype "Yoyo" which lets your object move on the path forwards until the end, then it moves backwards to the start
    • NEW: movement script methods: GoToWaypoint(index), Pause(seconds)
    • CHANGE: BezierMove events can now be called at waypoints too, the setting for messages on percentual path positions has been removed
    • CHANGE: "currentPoint" variable is not meant to be modified anymore for setting a start position, use the new startPoint variable instead
    • CHANGE: minor variable naming adjustments to be in line with DOTween
    • CHANGE: method renaming: ResetMove() -> ResetToStart()
    • DEL: minimalMove movement script removed, use splineMove instead
    • DEL: delay settings removed, use new events and Pause(seconds) instead
    • DEL: PlayMaker action SetDelayAtWaypoint is gone, see the sample scene

    Minimum required Unity version: 5.0.0

    • removed support for Unity 4.x
    • removed bezierMove script! splineMove works on bezier paths now too
    • removed manual type selection on MoveAnimator script (automatic now)
    • added sample scene "Events" showcasing different event scenarios
    • added waypoint rename button on path managers to update waypoint names
    • waypoint rename button has a custom checkbox to ignore custom names
    • bezier handles on bezier paths are now independent by default
    • auto-align bezier points on path creation to create correct curves
    • fixed inserting bezier point at last waypoint making it unresponsive
    • fixed exception calling CalculatePath() without previous population
    • fixed Gizmo scaling getting too large, limited to max size now
    • fixed resuming Pause before seconds run out having multiple coroutines
    • fixed inconsistent Gizmo drawing on waypoint names and height
    • fixed PlayMaker action ChangeSpeed & UpdateBezierPath on every frame
    • DOTween updated to 1.1.135

    Upgrade guide:

    • bezierMove scripts are gone, so if you have been using them in your
        scenes, please replace them with the splineMove movement script.
        Make a backup to easily compare script values during this process.

    • fixed initial positioning issue with local walkers on bezier paths
    • fixed events not being called on local or repositioned bezier paths

    • Reverse() method added to movement scripts, reverse walkers anytime
    • Adding PathManagers to WaypointManager at runtime redesigned: you dont have to call WaypointManager.AddPath on runtime created paths anymore.
        Also instantiated path names don't have to be unique anymore: they will be counted up automatically with a number to make them unique.
    • ease type field stays visible when using speed based tweens
    • moved navMove agent initialization to Awake for better runtime access
    • fixed custom animation curve setting when selecting ease type 'Unset'
    • fixed NRE of BezierPathManager when creating bezier paths at runtime
    • fixed bezier path handles slowly getting offset when looking around
    • DOTween updated to 1.1.310

    • added 'Draw Direction' toggle to paths for drawing waypoint rotations
    • added new rotation mode on splineMove: lerp between waypoint rotation
        while moving. This mode is added via new dropdown 'Waypoint Rotation',
        which gets visible in the movement inspector if 'Path Mode' is set to
        'Ignored'. Note that this is an experimental feature and might change.
    • added new scene 'Example10_WaypointRotation' to showcase the new mode
    • added button on PathManagers to update waypoints from children objects
    • added runtime path creation sample to scene 'Example7_Runtime'
    • added rotation handle to waypoints for rotating them in the editor
    • changed free move handles on all waypoints to editor position handles
    • changed position handles only being visible for the selected waypoint
    • position/rotation handle is visible depending on selected editor tool
    • fixed undo/redo of bezier path control point position changes
    • DOTween updated to 1.1.340

  • v5.3.1

    • fixed Reverse method not working in combination with changing speed
    • DOTween updated to 1.1.555
    • Unity 5.6 compatibility


    • added button to continue editing paths on the PathManager components
    • added dropdown for custom waypoint placement keys to WaypointManager
    • added red dot highlighting the starting point of movement scripts
    • changed modifier button structure on PathManager into drop down menu
    • changed WaypointManager path warnings into editor dialog popups
    • changed losing focus while editing paths will not destroy them anymore
    • fixed waypoint handles not showing due to incorrect event (Unity 5.6+)
    • fixed child ordering of newly inserted waypoints via PathManagers
    • fixed ordering of waypoints when inverting bezier path direction
    • DOTween updated to 1.1.595

  • v5.4.1

    • DOTween updated to 1.1.640, fixing an issue with the first waypoint
        when creating paths very far away from the scene origin

    v5.4.2 (Unity LTS version)

    • DOTween updated to 1.1.710
    • removed defines for old Unity versions


    • DOTween updated to 1.2.135
    • added support for bezier paths on navMove component (only waypoints)
    • very minor code structure changes for better compatibility

  • v5.4.4

    • DOTween updated to 1.2.235
    • changed: local checkbox to dropdown, none/toPath/toObject. toPath is
      the same as enabling local in earlier versions. toObject can be used to
      let objects move on path formations from their local position
    • minimum required Unity version: 2017.3.0

  • v5.4.5

    • DOTween updated to 1.2.305
    • added missing startPoint indicator on navMove movement script
    • fixed startPoint indicator at wrong position if reverse is checked
    • fixed Pause() coroutine not getting cancelled on subsequent calls
    • fixed some warnings about invalid/already killed tweens


    • added BezierPathManager method, converting waypoint index to path point
    • added CTRL+click de/selecting for moving multiple waypoints at once
    • fixed events not being called on reverse paths due to wrong index
    • fixed reversing on bezier paths by returning new path copy each time
    • minimum required Unity version: 2017.4.16

  • v5.4.7

    • DOTween updated to 1.2.420
    • added IsMoving() and IsPaused() convenience methods to movement scripts
    • fixed multiple events being called at once when startPoint > 0
    • fixed general Reverse behavior on non-pingpong paths using navMove
    • minimum required Unity version: 2018.4.0

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