26 Jul

Modeling cheats for Mobile Games

Today we want to uncover our modeling and design approaches on Deadly Labs. A few words upfront – you know when it comes to mobile games, you have to know exactly what to put in your models and why. You don’t want to burst your phone. Of course nowadays they have pretty good GPUs in it, especially as VR is becoming a thing, but not everyone has the latest high end device, and you want to support a broad range of people.

This blog is about the compromise of saving performance while keeping good looking objects, possibilities and techniques in mobile games.

Phase 1 – Model the “artist” way

When we start a model, we don’t care about polygons and vertices. The only important thing here is that it looks good. The same goes for materials, we just used as many as necessary. It’s like drawing a picture – you don’t count the strokes you make, right? Read More

01 Jul

Character Movement AI – Self-balancing Ragdolls

Today we want to show you how we combined Unity’s tools to create a very unique core mechanic in Deadly Labs. This post is supposed to show that thinking outside the box can have some funny results, and that every standard tools can be used in a non-standard way. Because that’s what makes a thing interesting, right?

A video tells more that 1000 words, so here is what we targeted:

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20 Jun

The Development

We want to start a series of blogs about the development process of Deadly Labs here, to help other developers by showing the problems we ran into, which tools we used and how we worked to solve them. The game is still under development until Q4 / 2017. So everything here will be up to date.

We will go through specific topics for each new blog post, including animation, modelling, texturing, analytics and what else that could help other Indies gaining some inspiration.

On this first post we would like to introduce our studio, a quick look behind the scenes of what Rebound Games is all about. We will follow up with technical stuff on the next post. So let’s get into it.

The two brothers Michael and Florian Bukmaier got into game development in 2012 and had to learn everything from the beginning, we decided to stick with Unity and Blender as foundation for that. We quickly realised that even though Unity is a very powerful engine, its features weren’t enough to fulfill all our needs for specific game types. So we learned to create them on our own, and later sold them as Unity Assets. That led us to the founding of Rebound Games in 2013.

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19 May

Deadly Labs Trailer

So we’ve made this trailer as sick and nuclear as we possibly could! Hope you enjoy. We’re happy about feedback on Facebook, Reddit or wherever you like. Nice weekend!

15 May

Recording Trailer Music

Recording Music for the upcoming Deadly Labs trailer movie. I was unaware when my girlfriend took the picture 🙂 Trailer will be published this Friday. Stay tuned!

08 May

New Game Sneak Preview

As we are launching this Development blog we are also announcing a new game we are currently working on: Deadly Labs! A very interactive Sidescrolling Shooter for mobile. Ugly creatures, toxic environments and a lot of physics are making this a challenging adventure for action fans!